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Adjusters who “Say” They’re on Your Side Can Rarely be Trusted

Insurance adjusters are just as dangerous to the accident victims as their defense lawyers. Their goal is to not help you, plain and simple. They are interested solely in saving their companies money by denying your claim or underestimating the cost of the accident to you. An adjuster will act friendly towards you and behave like he is interested in assuring that all of your needs are met. Then he stabs you in the back. Insurance adjusters are very clever, and they know that you probably have a good relationship with your car insurance agent. So they imitate your “good neighbor” auto insurance agent and can ease you into a false sense of security. Often they appear to innocently try and record you saying something that is later twisted into sounding like your admitting liability and destroy your chance to receive fair, or any, compensation. The trucking company’s insurance adjuster gets paid to deny or hinder your claim so that the transport and insurance company can together turn bigger profits.

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Our clients quickly learn from us the best way to deal with insurance adjusters: and that’s just don’t deal with them at all. Adjusters don’t call our clients, but rather, us. And when adjusters can’t talk to our clients, they don’t have a chance to twist our clients’ words around to use against them.

Many times, especially if they know you have a good case, an insurance company pressures and even harasses you to settle your claim for less than it is worth. Sometimes it’s much less. Now we believe in accepting a fair settlement offer if it truly benefits an accident victim. But accepting an unfair settlement offer can be devastating for your legal rights. When you accept an offer, you forever waive your right to sue the defendant ever again. The settlement on the table is all that you will ever collect from that defendant (and his insurance company). So it’s important to not accept an offer unless it’s truly fair. And the only way to determine a fair settlement from an insurance company that wants to victimize you is with the assistance of an experienced truck accident attorney.

Corporate insurance adjusters and defense lawyers love nothing more than to find a victim who tries to represent him or herself. They know how easy it is to lead a novice around by the nose. The behavior of insurance adjusters alone should be proof enough of why you need an aggressive Texas truck accident lawyer who knows how to combat the tactics of the insurance companies and win your fair settlement. Only the history of success of an experienced personal injury attorney found in our Law Firm will frighten the insurance company into a fair settlement, or beat them in court if they don’t.

Insurance companies are prepared to fight injury claims before the accidents even occur. They have defense attorneys already on staff. They’re very good and just waiting to take on personal injury claims. They specialize in cases like yours and know every trick to tilt the case in favor of their insurance company employers. Insurance defense lawyers race to the scene of an accident as soon as it happens and begins investigating to build a case against you while you are still deciding whether or not you even need to hire a lawyer. If you have been injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, you mustn’t hesitate in finding a Texas truck accident law firm to defend you. You’re burning daylight. And once it’s lost, you never get it back.

Our Law Firm has decades of experience handling personal injury litigation in 18-wheeler accident cases. If you or a loved one has been hit by one of these huge trucks, our expertise assures that you receive the fairest compensation possible for the injuries and pain you have suffered. We’ve helped deliver thousands of dollars to hundreds of accident victims in Texas. So if you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, our experienced accident lawyers can help win the best compensation possible for you.

Call us today at 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free) for a free consultation with our Accident Lawyers, and begin your road to real recovery and resume your life.

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