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Construction Accident Lawyers Corpus Christi

Construction accident Attorneys Corpus ChristiThe Texas Construction Industry is booming, new housing projects are popping up everywhere in Corpus Christi. New road projects are in the works all over Texas. With so much construction going on there are a number of accidents and injuries; which comes as little surprise when one considers the traditional dangers found on every construction site.

What Happens After You Got Hurt On The Job

So, what happens once you’re injured on the job site? Well, if your injuries are minor and you can return to work in a few days, that’s not too difficult to shrug-off after your short-paid vacation. But what if your injuries are more serious? Who pays for your medical bills, lost time or permanent disability because you no longer can work? And what happens if your loved one was killed on a construction job site? You need to call our construction accident lawyers Corpus Christi hotline, today.

The details surrounding your accident will determine how your successful claim or civil injury case must be handled. And the primary thing you must know before any compensation strategy can be developed is whether or not the company you work for has Texas workers’ comprehensive insurance. Workers’ comp pays some reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering. You also need to know what to do if the contractor or subcontractor you work is a workers’ comp participant or not. You also need to know whether you are an employee or merely a contractor. And finally, if others in addition to your employer owe you damages for your injury, can you identify them through a thorough investigation? Your ability to win financial remedy for all of these damages depends on the answer to all of these questions.

Construction Accidents Can Be Very Complex

Resolving construction accident injury cases can be very complex because of the above factors, in addition to more discrete elements. And that can influence how our construction accident lawyers Corpus Christi pursue your case. Then there are the occasional ambiguities of some of our laws that permit employers (and the insurance providers who cover them) to unfairly refuse rightful claims of thousands of injured construction workers every year. Our inexperienced lawyers regularly win a maximum work-injury settlement in construction accident cases. And those with no legal experience who insist on representing themselves in such matters universally fail to win just compensation.

Construction accident Attorneys Corpus ChristiThe professional team at our Texas Law Firm has decades of experience at fairly resolving injury claims and civil cases on behalf of construction workers. Our expertise helps you clearly understand the laws involved with such cases, and all the legal avenues available to you after your serious injuries, or if a wrongful death occurred to your loved one. We also have just as much experience representing surviving family members when a construction worker has been killed on the job site. Your employer and the insurance companies are only interested in protecting their interests; from the moment your accident happens.

Can You Trust Your Employer To Have Your Best Interest At Heart

Some construction companies begin their defense by trying to misrepresent the fact that they have workers’ comp: or worse! Often, they will engage in underhanded and misguided practices to avoid liability for an injured employee. An experienced local workers’ comp lawyer knows how to counter these tricks of your employer. Without that aggressive legal experience, you’re still their victim.


construction accident lawyers corpus christi
The experienced construction accident lawyers with our Law Firm help injured construction workers deal with their challenging work-injury cases. We have spent decades accumulating the expertise required to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Put our experience to work for you. We can tell you your rights, how to proceed with your claim, how much compensation you can secure and aggressively represent your case or claim to its final resolution: be it through successful negotiations or a favorable verdict in civil court.

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