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Dog Bites and Owner Liability for Injuries

Holding dog owners responsible for attacks and bite injuries

At our Law Office, our attorneys understand how frightening a dog attack can be. If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, you may have suffered serious, painful and even permanent injuries. Dog bites may result in serious cuts, abrasions, and disfigurement. You may also fall and fracture a leg, arm, hip or other bone during an attack.

These injuries may require costly medical bills. Painful or disfiguring injuries may affect your ability to earn an income or enjoy life activities. With decades of knowledge and experience combined with a proven record of success, our lawyers work hard to help you get the monetary damages you deserve from the responsible owner or an insurance company to help you pay for costs and other harm.Dog Bite Attorneys Corpus Christi

Are dog owners responsible for dog bites?

Under the law, dog owners are liable for the injuries their dogs’ cause, regardless of whether or not the dog was ever vicious before and even if the dog never bit anyone before. This is known as strict liability. When you were bitten or attacked, you must have been in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the dog owner.

Anyone who is performing duties imposed by laws or postal regulations or who is on the dog owner’s property by express or implied invitation is protected. For example, invited guests and deliverymen, such as FedEx or UPS, postal workers, and others at work may all be considered lawfully on the dog owner’s property.

When is a dog owner not liable for bite injuries?

Although dog owners are strictly liable for the injuries their pets cause, there are exceptions. In certain cases, the owner may not be liable for your injuries, including:

  • If you were trespassing with a criminal intent at the time of the dog bite
  • If you were taunting or hurting the dog and it was protecting itself
  • If you knew the dog was dangerous or had a history of biting or violence and deliberately or knowingly exposed yourself to the injury

Can I sue for dog bite injuries?

To win a personal injury lawsuit and recover compensation for dog bite injuries, you must prove certain elements of your claim, including:

  • You must identify the dog owner.
  • You were bitten by the dog.
  • You were in a public place or lawfully on the dog owner’s private property.
  • You were injured.

Our lawyers can guide you through your dog bite lawsuit to help you obtain monetary damages for medical bills and other harm you have suffered.

Can I obtain an insurance settlement for my dog bite injuries?

Dog Bite Attorneys Corpus Christi In many situations, an insurance policy may cover the costs of your dog bite injuries. Our attorneys help you with all aspects of your case to ensure that insurance companies do not wrongfully deny or undervalue your claim. We assist with insurance negotiations that involve all types of policies, including homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, commercial general liability insurance and umbrella policies.

Seek help from attorneys who strive to get you the money you need to recover

Our attorneys have experience both in and out of the courtroom helping dog bite victims recover the compensation they need to recover from serious injuries and pay for their losses. To learn how we can help you, schedule a free initial consultation anytime.