Motorcycle Accident Lawyers – Rights Following a Bike Crash

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Discusses a Motorcyclist’s Rights Following a Bike Crash

With so many highways and long roads available in Texas, many motorists have a chance to enjoy the roads and long drives with their vehicles. Despite this benefit, there are also many accidents that occur as a result of the driving ranges available. More Information here @

In fact, according to the latest statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation, nearly 400,000 motorcyclists travel Texas roads on a daily basis. This also means that accidents involving motorcycle riders and passengers also increase. Accidents involving motorcycles happen for a variety of reasons. Motorcycle wrecks can happen as a result of passenger driver distraction, or even as a result of drowsy driving or drunk driving. If you or a loved one were involved in a fatal motorcycle accident, are you aware of your rights? Also, if you’ve lost a loved one due to a fatal motorcycle wreck, are you aware of your legal options so that you can pursue legal action against the negligent parties? The Texas motorcycle accident lawyers of our law firm have provided you with relevant information on Texas motorcycle wrecks. With 20 years of experience litigating Texas personal injury and wrongful death cases, the motorcycle accident attorneys of our law firm can get you the help you need in these challenging and hard times of your life. Click here @

Motorcycle Accidents vs. Car Wrecks

There are many differences between motorcycle accidents and car wrecks. The main difference is that motorcycle accidents usually results in more severe injuries and a greater likelihood of death. In fact, two-thirds of motorcycle accidents result in either severe personal injury or even death to the motorist. This is according to the Texas Department of Transportation. The latest statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation show that in 2018, there were 418 fatal motorcycle accidents, which accounted for 16 percent of all traffic fatalities in Texas that year. Furthermore, an additional 6,913 motorcycle riders or passengers suffered injury in that year also. The reason why motorcycle accidents can be more fatal than regular car wrecks is the lack of protection afforded by motorcycle vehicles themselves. In a passenger vehicle, the car’s outer shield protects the passengers in some form when an accident occurs. In a motorcycle type of vehicle, there is no outer shield to protect riders when an accident occurs. Therefore, a motorcycle rider and passenger can both be ejected from the motorcycle and hit the ground hard when an accident or wreck was to happen on the roads or highways. Event the best built motorcycle brands such as a Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, Buell, Triumph, and other types of motorcycle manufacturers are unable to prevent severe injuries from occurring even in the smallest of wrecks due to its lack of outer frame that could protect the rider or passenger.

Unfortunately, many people fail to see that accidents involving motorcycles and regular vehicles must be handled differently due to the very nature of each vehicles construction. They both must be handled differently in the legal realm as well. For example, in regular passenger vehicle auto accident cases, an attorney is not needed in most cases in order to settle. However, when it comes to a motorcycle type of accident case, the assistance of an experienced attorney is critical as well as the help of a knowledgeable Texas motorcycle accident law firm such as the ones at our law firm. Because of the high dollar amounts at stake in a motorcycle accident case, insurance companies will fight hard and aggressively in order not to award a large sum of money to the motorcycle accident victim or his or her bereaved family member. Without the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to help you with your case, a motorcycle accident victim may not understand the full value of their claim and therefore may end up settling for an unfair amount or even a low ball amount offer in their case from the insurance company. Without the proper legal help, a motorcycle accident victim may end up being taken advantage of by the insurance company who is only after their own interests and couldn’t care less about helping the victim get the proper help and compensation they deserve for their injury or loss. More here @

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