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Vicious Insurance Companies Universally Oppose Your Wrongful Construction accident death Lawsuit

In all non-subscriber and third-party fatal workplace injury claims, defendants fall into two basic categories. They either have large insurance companies with lots of good attorneys to oppose you. Or the employer will be “self-insured” or uninsured. Regardless of the category, the employer falls into, all fight tooth-and-nail to avoid paying surviving family members of a fatal construction injury. Non-subscribers insurance companies have good attorneys. They are either on staff or on permanent retainer. And all are highly confrontational.
But their approach is not a universal formula for success against you, especially when an experienced fatal workplace accident lawyer who knows every trick they pull, and how to counter it with investigative proof, stands with you and against them.

But as bad as the insurance companies can be in a fatal injury claim or lawsuit, self-insured construction employers, or those who have no insurance at all, display truly questionable behavior when survivors of a fatally injured construction worker take legal action to recover damages. Some of their tactics are questionable. And some are downright illegal.

You and your attorney will probably deal directly with an officer if the self-insured company is small. This person’s salary is tied directly to company profits. Any injury damage amount paid to you comes directly out of company funds (or a bond if they have one). So by compensating you, your employer literally takes money out of his own pocket. This is why we are rarely surprised when a sneaky, self-insured company officer uses any and all means to fight your claim in order to protect his company’s, and his personal, assets.

Self-insured (and non-insured) companies can deliberately dispose of evidence as well as bribe or intimidate witnesses, even you. They sometimes resort to physical threats. This is why every time we represent a client against a self-insured (or uninsured) company, the first thing we do is to file motions in court to prevent anyone within the company from behaving inappropriately against our clients. Sometimes these motions include clear demands that they make no attempt to communicate with our clients in any way without one of our attorneys present.

An experienced construction accident attorney with our Law Firm will help you deal with your challenging injury/death cases anywhere in Texas. We have spent over 30 years accumulating the expertise and skill you desperately need to be required to help win the compensation you deserve. If you want to know what your rights are, how to proceed with your claim, and how much compensation you can secure, then we can answer your questions. Call our Law Firm now for a free consultation and find out how we can help you.

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